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What is a First Look & Should You Have One?

Are You Doing a First Look?

What is a first look? While your answer may vary, not by much. It is always one of three answers. Yes, no or what is that?

If you say yes, I assume you have done your research. Answer no, and I offer to share the pros and cons. If you pause and ask what is that? It is at that moment my ears perk up and I spill the tea!

Once we have this conversation, then I know you can make an informed decision. Either way, it’s not about me. Your wish far exceeds mine. It’s no secret, most of my couples choose to have a first look. They realized it was a way to remove so much fear and anxiety. Above all, it gives them peace of mind. Because let’s face it, anything could go wrong.

What Exactly is a First Look?

I am glad you asked. A first look is when a couple chooses to see one another, prior to the ceremony. Though it isn’t traditional, it is a modern way to get everything you want.

My couples hire me because they want beautiful images. The surest way for me to do that: build in the time to make it happen. My clients, and their wedding planners, typically schedule a first look at least two hours prior to the ceremony. Two hours allows time for you two to have a private moment to take it all in.

Then What?

Afterwards, I capture your wedding day portraits. Then your wedding party joins you and we complete pictures with them. Most couples have their immediate family to arrive at the venue one hour before the ceremony start time. This means your family formals are complete with 30 minutes to spare.

Once your ceremony is complete, you can actually join your guest at cocktail hour. No having to send out a search party to get the pictures, they are already done!

If you are looking for a wedding photographer, certainly head over to my website But A Moment Photography to see if we are a match. While you are there, check out the portfolio. I’d love to check availability and send you over full pricing details. Collections start at $4900, collections with two photographers start at $6200. In addition, if you have any wedding questions at all, feel free to DM me on Instagram.

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