When Was The Last Time
You Were Photographed?

When Was The Last Time You Were Photographed?

The majority of my clients come into this experience believing that they are not photogenic. They all leave their session, not only believing that they are, but seeing that they are. I challenge you to consider that it's not your job to be photogenic, but rather my job to pose you in a way that proves you had it in you all along. Seeing is believing, allow me to show you the possibilities.

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Hello, I am Ashanta, owner and photographer here at Contemporary Portraiture by But A Moment Photography. The boutique portraiture studio accepts no more than 10 clients each month. The studio is in Sanford, North Carolina and serves clients in Raleigh, Durham, Pinehurst and those traveling to the Central North Carolina Region.
The studio specializes in award winning portraiture and brand elevating photography for women who desire the best of the best.

The process

Photoshoot day starts with makeup and then dress-up. I will create the best images you have ever seen of yourself.

Right after your session, you will get to see your images and purchase the images you love.

Inquire via the CONTACT FORM and get immediate access to schedule a quick 5 minute phone call to determine if this is the right experience for you.

During your styling consultation we will look at the calendar and schedule your portrait session.

Pay your session fee and schedule your styling consultation to make sure you have the best images ever.

The Studio

THE portfolio

“The eye should learn to listen before it looks.”
Robert Frank


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