A little over a week ago I received a text, ‘..she has no clue and I want to know if you would like to capture the moment?’.. ¬†Y’all already know I’m all about the moments, that’s what life is made of! Rashad had the table set with a beautiful¬†floral arrangement when he and Anna arrived […]

Everyone isn’t fortunate enough to find love, when you do, grab hold to it and hold on! If you let it go and it appears again…give it everything you’ve got! Tiana and Randal missed their first chance, but when given a do over, they did just that. The two reconnected after some 15 years and […]

It was so cold on the morning of this shoot! I checked the weather the week before and decided to take our chances! The night before, I received a call asking if I knew it was going to be freezing and of course I did, but something told me that would work in our favor. […]

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