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Best/Top 3 Wedding Photographers: As Told By Me

This is not going to be one of those posts that showcases all of the amazing images by these photographers, you can link directly to their pages and see that for yourself.

This is not going to be a post that toots my own horn. (But A Moment Photography is NOT on this list, that would be WEIRD and RUDE)

This is not going to be about a popularity contest, because most people just really want to know they will be taken care of and their photographer is up to the task.

Simply put, these are the 3 photographers who I know will provide you with the experience that you deserve on your wedding day. They inspire me to be better every single day, and they continue to learn when opportunities present themselves.  They have never professed to knowing everything and they tell the story of your wedding day, all things that I strive to emulate in my business.

Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the top 3 decisions you will make about your wedding day. The venue is important, the entertainment is important, but your wedding photographer is the vendor that you will spend more time with than any other on the big day.

Without further ado, my Best/Top 3 Wedding Photographers:

A.J. Dunlap Photography is a family and wedding photographer based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Two years ago when I decided to become a business focused on weddings, I looked for someone to mentor me. I knew this person needed to have patience and a good portfolio. Ultimately I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days with A.J. in her wedding photographer workshop and I learned what a wedding photographer should be. A.J. is personable and has the patience of a saint. She truly loves what she does. When she spoke about previous clients and cried while doing so, I knew that she had a business model that would take me places. A.J. is on this list because she not only provides beautiful images to her clients, but she provides an experience.

Ivy Bee Weddings is husband and wife photo and video team. They are based in Charleston, South Carolina. I met Sacia in last year and watched her create a brand to be reckoned with. Sacia’s body of work is stunning. She is very detail oriented and does not miss a thing. I have been blessed to shoot alongside Sacia a few times. She makes her couples feel special and Sacia makes this list because she is delivering amazing galleries in record time. I admire Sacia because she too is fairly new to the wedding photography arena and she is killing it!

Susan Stripling Photography is based in New York City! Susan is a wedding and portrait photographer and she has taught me so much about wedding photography as a craft and as a business. Susan is classified as a Canon Explorer of Light (which is a pretty big deal), that means she is really good at what she does and the Canon brand agrees. I should say I have never met Susan, but I feel like I know her. She has perfected her craft and she provides opportunities for other photographers to gain knowledge from her, directly and indirectly. Susan makes this list because she is truly a master wedding photographer.

If you are luck enough to book either of these photographers for your wedding day, you won’t have any regrets! These ladies have taught me that community trumps competition and for that I am grateful. Go on, checkout their work and let me know what you think. They are the definitely the top contenders if I ever get married!

But A Moment Photography is a wedding & portrait photographer based in North Carolina. Owner, Ashanta Staten loves to travel and would love to hear your love story. If you would like current pricing, to check availability or to simply share your story, you can contact her here.

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